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Our Males
South Winds Ranch
Gage Brausen
PO Box 647
Ipswich, SD 57451
Motto Motto AKA Motto

Nehi Saint Bernard. So nice, you have to say it twice! Brown, black mask, & white male,out of Dot & Brutes, born on December 24th, 2010! Very perfect boy! Short, but with lots of bone! Super stocky, sweet, gentle, friendly, all around perfect boy! Motto mostly breeds Maizy, Berry, and sometimes Ava and Brandy.
Miniature Saint Berdoodle Male

Poof Ball, AKA Boof

Boof is very high percentage Poodle. His sire is a Miniature Aussiedoodle, that is more then 50% Poodle, and his dam is a Moyen sized  Poodle. We use him to breed our Miniature Saint Bernard girls, for Miniaure Saint Berdoodle puppies. He is Red Merle & White colored. He can produce blue eyed puppies. Boof is consistently throwing beautiful, healthy puppies with great coats, coloring, markings, and temperaments!
Boof & Calamity
Boof with a haircut
"Beethoven" is an adorable, brown, black mask, and white male multi generation registered Miniature Saint Bernard. Excellant coloring and markings! He is expected to mature from 15 to 16 inches tall, and around 30 to 35 pounds. He is for sure planned to eventually breed "Charlene", but also sometimes our smaller females, Missy, Bailey, Ava, & Liberty, but may also breed Maizy occasionally. He will also be breed to our young females someday.. Charlene, Katy, and Kelly. He will also breed little Shadow and Bella when they are old enough.
South Winds Ranch