We can ship your puppy to you via Airplane! Most often, we use Delta Airlines, because it is the closest airline to us. Though, we do have access to Great Lakes, Continental, American, United, and Frontier as well.

Puppies fly from our airport, (most often Aberdeen, SD, but sometimes out of Pierre, SD), to your airport! We schedule the flight, and you just pick your puppy up at your airport!

There are many rules & regulations in order to ship a puppy. The most important rules are:

  * The puppy must be 8 weeks old or older.

  * The puppy must be able to sit upright in the crate that it is sent in. Therefore, the cost of shipping a puppy greatly depends on the size & age of the puppy.

  * With Continental being an exception, the temperatures at all points, must be between 10 degrees and 85 degrees. Because Continental Airlines have temperature controlled terminals, they can be more flexible with temperatures then other airlines.

  * A puppy must receive a health certificate, given by a vet, before it is allowed on any airplane. This includes if a puppy rides with it's owner! The health certificate must be issued less then 10 days prior to a puppy being allowed on a plane. It must have the name, address, and phone number of the person receiving the puppy, and also all of the particular puppy's information on it. We include the cost of the health certificate and the cost of the crate in our shipping costs. If you fly here to pick up your puppy, them costs are extra.

  * A puppy's flight needs to be scheduled from 24 hours to 10 days prior to the flight.

* Any puppy that is 12 weeks old or older must receive a rabies vaccination, given by a vet, before being allowed on an airplane.

Of course, you may also come here to pick up your puppy, between the hours of 1:pm to 6:pm, on most days, unless we have plans. No morning pick ups! Or we may be willing to meet, for the cost of fuel, at reasonable distances.

Shipping to most places, for a puppy that is less then 10 weeks old, and can fit in a Junior size crate, is $350.
Shipping to most places, for a puppy that is more then 11 weeks old and less then 16 weeks old, and can fit in a Medium size crate, is $450. (Rabies vaccination is included).
Shipping to most places, for a puppy that is more then 16 weeks old and less then 6 months old, and can fit in an Intermediate size crate, is $500. (Rabies vaccination is included).
Shipping to most places, for a puppy that is more then 6 months old, to an Adult, and can fit in a Large size crate, is $600. (Rabies vaccination is included).

If you are getting a puppy shipped that is less then 12 weeks old, and it is less then 50 degrees, you may choose to also purchase a heat pad for your puppy? In extreme cold, with very small puppies, we may insist on it? The heat pad is reusable, and stays warm for up to 12 hours, after being microwaved for 7 minutes. The heat pad is available for $25.

We can usually be very flexible on what days we can ship your puppy. However, we do occasional have plans, in particular in the summer months. For example, we do have an annual 4th Of July party, and it is a big thing with our family! Weather also plays a big factor on particular days that we can, or cannot ship. Flights are often canceled due to thick fog, heavy storms, or other reasons. We do need to watch temperatures & weather when shipping puppies! If you want your puppy for Christmas, we do all we can! But we cannot nail it down to one particular day, if weather or temperature problems arrise? Which they often do! Some flexibility on your end is also very helpful! More often then not, we do need to ship puppies on flights that work! With good connections, from here to there. There is not usually many choices, or sometimes no choice at all, at what time of day your puppy arrives. We sure will try to work with your schedule the best that we can! But there is not always a lot of choices. 

We can hold a puppy for you, to fit your plans & schedule! However, higher shipping charges may apply, depending on the puppy's age.

Two puppies can be shipped together! It is usually best to go up one step... For example, if the puppies are less then 12 weeks old, when shipping two together, they will need to go in a medium crate, at the Medium Shipping costs. In order to ship two puppies together, they both must be of simular age & size. Most often siblings. They must both weigh less then 20 pounds each, and be less then 6 months old each.
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