We all seem to be living in a faster, and busier paced world. Many households have two parents working, or only one parent, or may not be married at all, and have a demanding career. Even stay at home moms often have many projects with their children, community or personal activities.

There are still a lot of people that prefer to train their own puppy, or want to receive their puppy as young as possible. However, others would much prefer to receive an already trained puppy! Housetraining a young puppy can sometimes get frustrating, and it does demand a lot of time! Being right there with the puppy most of the time is best! Which is something that not everyone can do.

An untrained puppy may cry, or even get car sick when traveling. Sometimes even pottying in their crate. An untrained puppy may fight a leash, and pee on your carpet. An untrained puppy may cry at night, or anytime when left alone. May chew on things that you may not want chewed.

We are constantly training puppies, and do have system and schedule down! If possible, we dog door train a puppy first, then move to crate training, and from there, housetraining! We also train the puppy basic commands, such as sit, drop, (lay down), leash training, get them to sleep quietly through the night in a crate, get used to traveling, come to their name, and basic house manners. Such as not to chew on shoes, furniture, rugs, ect. However, all puppies do need toys of their own, and lots of them!

Sometimes we offer already trained puppies! But we can also train any of the puppies that we breed, for you!

There are 5 steps to a great behaved dog! Training, exercise, free choice food, discipline, and space.

Training.. Get a trainer! Or at the very least, get some dog whisperer videos! He really does know what he is talking about!

Exercise.. Dogs do get pent up energy that does need to be spent! They get into trouble if they have too much built up energy. A dog should get tired out once in awhile! A tired dog is a well behaved dog.

Free choice food... A hungry dog will get edgy! With all of our dogs, we would have some major problems if we limited their food! They should have free choice food at all times, unless in training, at which time it should only be taken away at night.

Discipline... Dogs are descended from wolves! They all are! They do need to know their place, and who is the leader, or they will take on that role themselves. A great method is if a puppy growls or acts aggressive, to grab the puppy, put it on it's back, yell NO! Hold it down until it submits. This is what the puppy's mother would do. It is a language that the puppy understands.

Space.. A puppy needs a place to be by itself once in awhile.. Sometimes it needs to be put in it's own space for a time out. When I was a kid, we got a puppy that was just too cute for words! We pestered him and bugged him constantly! He rebelled against too much attention, and almost became wild! We learned, and he grew up to be an excellent dog! Also.. A dog is a dog, and should learn that it cannot be with the family constantly. A room or a crate to have some space & time alone is very good. NOTE: We do not encourage anyone to keep a dog away from the family at all times! Only sometimes!

1 week will not do much.. But it can get a puppy used to the crate, sleeping in the crate, usually crate trained, or almost crate trained, and used to at least some traveling! In 1 week, a puppy may also learn to sit, which puts the puppy in the "mind" for being trained. Of course, the longer a puppy is in training, the more the puppy will be trained! Usually to get fully crate trained, takes 2 weeks. To get fully housetrained may take 6 weeks, or even a little longer? If a puppy is a little older, and dog door trained first, they usually get fully trained in 2 to 4 weeks.

We find that a puppy that has had at least some training before being shipped is much quieter and calmer, more relaxed, and less stressed, then an untrained puppy during a flight.

However, all puppies are started on dog door training at weaning, which is at 7 weeks old.
Older Puppy Training

Available for puppies that are from 16 weeks, to less then 1 year of age. We will do 2 to 3 weeks of training on an older puppy for a set $500. Puppies by this age are more ready, easier to train. Most are already dog door trained by this age, and already used to only going potty outside. Which makes training much easier! Therefore, a puppy at this age, can learn a lot more, in a shorter amount of time. Most puppies that are over 12 weeks old, can be crate trained, housetrained, sleep through the night, sit, drop, leash trained, and house manners. By this age, puppies will also have all of their puppy vaccinations, including rabies.

Adult Training

Most of our available adult dogs have received at least some training. However, they all could use more training! We offer 10 days of solid training on any dog, 1 year or older, for a set $200. We focus on whatever it is that particular dog needs training in?  We know these dogs, and know what training they need work in! Highly advised, especially if also selecting the spay or neuter option that we provide.
This button is set at $250, for 1 week of training. When you click on it, you can choose more then 1 week, if you want more training! It is advised to get 2 to 3 weeks for a basic trained puppy, or at least 6 weeks for an advanced trained puppy. Or you can pay by the week, and get weekly detailed updates, and decide when you want to receive your puppy!
This button is set at $500, for advanced training on a puppy that is 16 weeks old, or older. This training usually requires 2 to 3 weeks.
This button is set at $200, for 10 days of additional training on any dog that is over 1 year of age. Especially advised with the Spay/Neuter option.
This button is set at $25, for 1 week of boarding. Boarding is required if a sold puppy is still here after 10 weeks of age, but not in training.
Spay or Neuter

We can get any puppy or dog spayed or neutered before you receive it, as long as the puppy or dog is old enough! This service is only offered in addition to training, because the puppy or dog needs to be inside of our house anyway, while healing.

This button is set at $250,and is available for any male or female dog or puppy available that is at least 6 months old or older.
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