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Miniature Saint Berdoodle

Origin: Miniature Saint Berdoodles are bred from a registered Miniature Saint Bernard, with either a Miniature Aussiedoodle or a Miniature Poodle. They can also be bred from a registered Miniature Saint Berdoodle with a registered Miniature Saint Berdoodle. Or back crosses, of a registered Miniature Saint Berdoodle, with either a Miniature Aussiedoodle or a Miniature Saint Bernard.

Size: Miniature Saint Berdoodles are from 14 to 18 inches tall, and from 20 to 50 pounds. The middle range is most typical. Males are usually a little larger then females. They have good bone, and are fairly stocky.

Coat: Miniature Saint Berdoodles have a long coat that is straight, (rarely), or most often wavy or curly.  They can have either a fluffy face or a smooth face. The fluffy faced pups are low to no shedding. The smooth faced pups will at least shed seasonally.

Grooming: It is custom to leave the hair on the tail and the ears long, and trimming the rest of the dog short. If not trimmed, or between trimming, is is best to use a deshedding comb, to keep the dog matte free. Bath as needed.

Character: Miniature Saint Berdoodles are a medium energy dog, without being hyper, but fairly calm. They love people and bond very closely with their families! They will most often bark when visitors come, but will be friendly once they meet them. Though, they are quiet dogs at most times. They are very gentle, nonaggressive dogs. Making them also get along well with other animals.

Training: Miniature Saint Berdoodles are bright, smart dogs, and are easy to train. They do best with a lot of praise and treats are great to get them to understand what you are asking of them. They do have a little bit of a tendency to get spoiled. They are agile, and able to learn tricks and games. They are also capable of learning from watching or problem solving, which can get them into mischief. Like learning to open doors.

Activity: Miniature Saint Berdoodles are small enough to get enough exercise in a small yard, or on regular walks. They are also small enough to get some exercise inside of their home. However, they are also just energetic enough  and athletic enough that they can handle long walks and even running with their owner.
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