I just wanted to inform you - this mini St Bernard is the best puppy I have ever had. I am 64 years old and have had many puppies  (all sizes -purebreds and mutts). This puppy is so.... well behaved! He hasn't messed in the house. He is not at all destructive. We have an un-fenced backyard bordered by woods.
We take him out back without a leash. He crosses our macadam drive (about 50') and heads for the dirt. He never ranges far from us. He does his duty and heads back to the door where he waits to be left in. He actually comes when called. We have 2 large cats who usually approach dogs with extreme caution. They do not seem to be concerned with the dog - don't mind getting close to him. He basically ignores them.
If anyone has any questions regarding these pups -feel free to share this e-mail.

Yours truly,


Just wanted you to see how this puppy has grown. He's a great dog! (Now known as "Dakota")

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Hi Karen:

I just wanted to let you know that Bonzo is doing great. He is house broken, completely on his own with in and out of the doggie door, and we are up to 3 hours in the crate at night with no accidents.

I have attached a picture of him "chillin" after one of his many play adventures during the day. He seems to love crashing on his back.

He is so entertaining and we are loving him so much!!!

Thanks again,
Hi there.  We purchased our dog from you last summer.  Her name was Pacific at the time, our kids renamed her Sadie.  Sadie is such a great family dog and our kids just love her.  I thought I would send you a picture of her.  Thanks so much!

Good Morning

I wanted to drop a quick a note to you and say Thank You!  We purchased Zhar, now known as Catte, and she is now 6 months old.  She has been quick to train and is a very smart puppy.  She has always been great with our grandchildren and has a very playful eager personality.  I couldn’t more happy with any other puppy.  My wife and I are both extremely pleased with Catte and how she has become a part of our family.

I have attached a picture of her so you can see what a pretty puppy she has become.  She stands about 20” tall at her shoulder and weighs in at 27 pounds…the size is perfect and is exactly what we were looking for.

Thank you again!!!

Dexter AKA "Domino" is enjoying his new home and "bigger brother", Dudley.  Thank You!
Hi Karen - still loving our baby Bogie - now today 9 months old at 65lb - sending some pictures for you - hope all is well with you - hope to hear from you on the other dogs - take care Jim and Pam
He is a very sweet dog.
I thought you might want to see what he looks like.
Thanks again
Dear Karen
Heres a new picture of Otto. He turned a year on Christmas. I have to tell you we are crazy for this dog. He's such a great dog and everyone who meets him loves him. His temperament is exactly as you explained except he has a jealous streak with me. He wants to be the one closest to me at all times and is very protective. My kids and husband adore him. He's named for the Syracuse University mascot "Otto the Orange". Just wanted to send an update and thank you for such an amazing dog!
The Fishers
I wanted to share some pictures of Jingle & Marry. We are so happy with them they mean the world to us. Thank you for creating such a wonderful breed
Karen, Three years ago our family purchased 2 Nehi Saint Bernards from you. One was sent to David Haskin, Yorktown, Va. and our dog was Zelda, and it was sent to Sandra and Sonny Forbes also in Yorktown, Va.. This email is to let you know that Zelda now rules the roost. I could not have given my wife a more perfect anniversary present. You said that she was the most energized in the litter. You could not have been more correct. I hasten to add that I have owned 3 Black Labs and I tried to sell her on another because of their intelligence Other than the fact that Zelda will not retrieve a duck or goose , she surpasses all of the Labs for intelligence. I really believe that she speaks to us through her eyes and actions. We, especially my wife who considers Zelda a lap dog, just wanted you to know, and to thank your and your family for producing such a wonderful animal. I am going to send another email showing her face. The collar is because of a hot spot on her tail. Again, Sandra and I would like to thank you for a grand gift to our family. Sonny Forbes
Zelda's brother, whose name was changed from Royal to Buddy, is half again as big as Zelda. He is much loved in a family of six children.....three of which are girls aged six through nine. They dress him up in people clothes, and he doesn't care. One of his favorite toys is a bowling ball, which he shoves around the yard with his nose. He does this while dodging chickens in the yard. He is a big, gentle dummy.
Zelda loves our ten grandchildren to distraction. She is gentle, loving, and frankly much smarter than Buddy...perhaps even much smarter than Sonny and myself. She loves to travel..in a car or golf cart, and is highly insulted when she has to stay home. She has never,,,and I mean NEVER had a bathroom accident in the house. We hung a large bell on the door...she jumped up and hit it with her paw or nose, and we let her outside. Buddy was trained the same way. I also thank you for these great additions to our families. We wanted you to know how much they have added to our lives, and that they are both well, and well loved...Sandra Forbes
Hi Karen, I just wanted to send you a cute picture of Bonzo on his graduation day. He just finished his puppy obedience classes. (I was having a hard time finding 6 weeks when I could make all the classes which is why it is happening so late.) He passed with flying colors. The instructor just loved him, he is such a calm, loving temperament of a dog. Bonzo and I have such a fantastic bond, he is a fantastic dog!! Thank you so much!!
Hi Karen:
We purchased our puppy from you in March 2009. She was born on January 3 of that year from Dot and Kojak. You called her Keiki. Like lots of other folks who buy puppies from you, we named her Dakota.
We want you to know that she is doing extremely well and we love her to pieces.
Everything you advertised about these dogs is true. Dakota is the sweetest dog. She loves children. She doesn't bark a lot. She was very easy to train and housebreak. She loves to fetch! Dakota does drool and shed, but not as much as a full St. Bernard. (I know because I grew up with one.) We have found that keeping her hair short is best.
By the way, even after shipping the puppy across the country to California, she was in perfect shape and perfect health - no worms, etc.
Her very favorite thing to do is eat. She weighs about 46 pounds. We wondered in that is a lot heavier that some of the other 25% Mini Saints. We just want to know because we want to keep her healthy and happy for many, many years to come!
She is a wonderful part of our family. Here is a picture of her next to cut outs of Beethoven.
Take care and Happy Holidays!
Melissa Diamond and Family
we are the family that came from Delaware last year to get a puppy. The long trip has been well worth it. Everything you said about these dogs is true. Swayze  aka Mr Adorable aka Mr pimpy formerly Prince is the best dog ever. He is beautiful, super intelligent house broken in a week. I swear he understands every word we say. We have a 5 year old autistic grandchild he is wonderful with him loving, attentive, playful. He loves to cuddle with people. We are so happy with him! He is the perfect dog. Everywhere we go with him people fall in love with him. We are looking forward to getting a female companion for him soon. Thank You Karen!

South Winds Ranch
Gage Brausen
PO Box 647
Ipswich, SD 57451
In honor of Coach’s birthday tomorrow, we are sending you a picture of him.  We are so happy that we drove to South Dakota to pick up this bundle of joy.  He is a wonderful companion, who loves people, children, and other dogs. 

South Winds Ranch