Registered Miniature Saint Bernard puppies
and Miniature Saint Berdoodle puppies!

Miniature Saint Bernard's

We breed two sizes of Miniature Saint Bernard's. We breed   the Nehi Saint Bernard's, which mature around knee high. Usually from 16 to 20 inches tall, and around 40 to 60 pounds, being very heavy boned, stocky dogs. Nehi Saint Bernard's are from 37.5% to 50% actual Saint Bernard.

We are also breeding Micro Saint Bernard's. Micro Saint Bernard's mature from 12 to 16 inches tall, and 15 to 35 pounds. Small enough even for apartments!

These dogs are very low, to no drool. Even though they do shed, they do not shed nearly as much as the big Saints. They are also much healthier and have a much longer life span.

For those who do need or want a low to no shedding dogs, we also breed a few Miniature Saint Berdoodles. Perfect for those who want a unique, calmer, very gentle Doodle. Our Miniature Saint Berdoodles all have some, to a lot of white. Some even have blue eyes!
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Below is a picture of me with my Micro size Mini Saint adult male, Beethoven

Hi, my name is Gage Brausen. I grew up here, since I was 5 years old. Now I own it, along with the Miniature Saint Bernards and Miniature Saint Berdoodles!

I grew up with these dogs, and have trained and shown dogs in 4-H and open shows, in obedience, showmanship, agility, team, rally, and brace from age 8 to 18. I also trained puppies during summers off from high school and through college. I have always been very involved in my family's dog breeding and training business.

Below is a picture of me with my Mini Saint puppy, Bella.
South Winds Ranch
Gage Brausen
PO Box 647
Ipswich, SD 57451
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