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Mother: Emmy

Emmy's Puppies

These Mini Saint Berdoodle’s will be hypoallergenic and will not shed.
Father: Jack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet your new cuddly best friend! Mini Saint Bernards are very sweet and lovable and loyal to the bone! They are little social butterflies and love big groups of people. All of our puppies are family raised and grow up with our children, which makes them a perfect addition to your family. Even though they are quite social, they have a slight natural aversion to strangers which can make them great watchdogs.

Not unlike their larger ancestors, they do take some maintenance. If you are planning to keep your furry friend in the house with you, you may want to brush him daily with a pin brush or comb to prevent tangles and mats. They do shed a bit but not excessively. Also, like any dog, they will need occasional baths but don’t worry about your pup needing one daily. It is also good to take your dog on regular walks for exercise.

Almost. The differing factor is their size. The Mini Saint Bernards grow to be about 16-18 inches. tall and weigh 30-50 pounds. A Micro Saint Bernard will only grow to be about 12-16 inches tall and weigh about 15-30 pounds.

Are Mini Saint Bernards simply a mini version of their larger counterparts? Well, yes and no. They very closely resemble purebred Saint Bernards in personality and markings. Regular St. Bernards tend to have a very sweet personality which the smaller ones have inherited. 

Their size is obviously the largest difference. Standard saints stand anywhere from 28 to 30 inches and since a mini is around 16-18in, they are about half as tall. Minis also weigh less than half, around 30-50 lbs instead of the 120-180 of standard Saint Bernards. 

They also inherited the lifespan of Saint Bernards, living anywhere from 8 to 11 years. Mini Saints do tend to be slightly more active though; maybe stemming from their Spaniel parent.

The biggest, most obvious difference is that a Mini Saint Bernard is a mix of Saint Bernard and Cocker Spaniel. A Mini St. Berdoodle is a mix of Miniature poodle\Shih poo and St. Bernard. Also, Mini St. Berdoodles tend to be a little shorter and weigh slightly less than a Mini St. Bernard. 

The main difference between these two is that a Mini Bernedoodle is a mix of mini poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. A Mini St Berdoodle is a mix of shih poo and St Bernard (hence the saint part).  They both have very loving, playful and social personalities. Bernedoodles do tend to be a little more hyper and while a St. Berdoodle is perfect for cuddling.

Yes! We ship nationwide through a service called Furry Trails Pet Transport. They will pick your puppy up from our home and deliver it to your home. They will send you updates and pictures during the trip so you always know exactly how your pup is doing. 

We take care of scheduling Furry Trails and the vet health certificate needed for traveling. Furry Trails has weekly routes across the US and will pick up your puppy from our home on Monday afternoon. Depending on the length of the route, delivery will be on Tuesday or sometime mid-late week. Shipping cost is $500 East of the Mississippi River, and $600 West of the Mississippi River (this includes the cost of the vet travel certificate).