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Mini St. Bernards and Mini St. Berdoodles–Family Friendly Dogs in South Central PA

Are you looking for a puppy that puts its best paw forward around your friends? Or do you need a guard dog that won’t let strangers in without sounding an alarm? Maybe you’re ready for a puppy from a rare breed that will stand out on the block. Or do you have a toddler that can’t be knocked over every time your dog feels extra friendly?

Get ready to meet a puppy that will capture your heart.

We want to help you find a puppy that your family and friends will love to have around. Our mini St. Bernards and Mini St. Berdoodles are heart-stoppingly adorable, both in personality and looks. Their ancestral keenness makes them quick learners and easy to train. Plus, they are not common breeds; your dog will catch everyone’s eye.

Have you dreamed of being friends with the heroic dogs of the Swiss Mountain passes? Maybe you’ve always wanted your own St. Bernard, but its size and slobber scared you away. Our mini St. Bernard mixes are smaller and drool less than a standard St. Bernard. Fun-loving and friendly, these smart dogs will make your family complete.

Miniature poodle or Shih poo + St. Bernard
= Mini St. Berdoodle
Cocker Spaniel + St. Bernard
= Mini St. Bernard
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You need a puppy that is safe for children. Since our children and puppies grow up playing together, your puppy comes thoroughly socialized. And, because Mini St. Bernards warm slowly to strangers, they make excellent watchdogs.

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Affectionate and Social

Mini Saints thrive in homes where they get a lot of attention. These friendly dogs love to be with people and can get lonely when no one’s around.

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Intelligent and Easily Trained

Mini St. Bernards and Berdoodles respond quickly to firm and consistent training. Eager to please, they will soon master the ropes of your home.

Size & Weight

Mini St. Bernards
Height: 16-18 in.
Weight: 30-50 lb.

Mini St. Berdoodles
Height: 14-16 in.
Weight: 25-45 lb.


Breeders wanted a St. Bernard that drools less and sheds less all in a more manageable size. Voila! The mini St. Bernard blends.


You shouldn’t have to lose your heart to a puppy with poor health. All of our puppies are vet-checked, dewormed, and vaccinated before adoption. For extra nutrition, we daily give our puppies and dogs a NuVet Plus K-9 vitamin wafer, a nutrient-rich formula that builds their immune systems. Be sure to check out our health guarantee.

We want you to be stress-free from puppy health and wellness worries. That’s why we do our best to keep puppies healthy, both mentally and physically. Out of the 102 puppies that people have adopted from us, no families have complained about their puppy’s health.

Our Adoption Process

1. Choose your pup.
Find the one that captures your heart
2. Reserve your pup.
Contact us and send a down payment.

3. Claim your pup.
Pick up your puppy or have it delivered.

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“They were amazing and so helpful!! Love our new puppy!! They were so helpful and answered all of my questions and gave great advice on our puppy!”

Sarah D.